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15 Uses For Plastic Wrap You Never Even Considered — These Are Genius!

Plastic wrap has become a household necessity for packaging up leftovers or transporting dishes to a cookout…

But the clingy film — invented in 1949 — has many more uses you’ve probably never even considered.

From helping you travel without any toiletry messes to making a painting job easier to clean up, you may want to start stocking up on plastic wrap. You’re about to start using way more than just a box every few months!

1. De-cork a bottle of wine by swirling it around with some Saran Wrap. Remove the film and it’ll taste just fine!

2. Make a makeshift travel cup for the kids with some Press’n Seal wrap.

3. Never worry about your ice cream falling victim to frostbite again — just cover it with plastic wrap after every use.

4. Get even more life out of your bananas by separating each stem and covering them with cling wrap.

5. Forget about cleaning your fridge shelves — just put some Press’n Seal on them and peel it off whenever there’s a mess.

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6. Speaking of the magical sticky material — make paint cleanup a snap by lining your trays with it.

7. Don’t wash your brushes more than you have to — just cover them with plastic wrap if you’re interrupted and finish the job with a still-wet brush later.

8. Save space and ensure your jewelry never gets tangled by separating it out with Press’n Seal when you travel. Just press, fold, and go!

9. Stop finding your liquids all over your other toiletries when you arrive at your vacation destination. Wrap the bottles and then put their tops back on.

10. Get perfectly rounded corners in clay crafts when you place plastic wrap on top before using your cutter. (This also works with cookie dough!)

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11. Create fun, kid-friendly art projects with some plastic wrap and watercolor paints.

12. The same concept can be applied to your walls — the effect is called frottage. Cover wet walls with plastic wrap and peel it away once everything’s dry.

13. Make a perfectly poached egg every time by cooking them in plastic wrap pockets.

14. Get a better grip when you shovel or rake by wrapping the handle with a few layers of the clear film. This will also help prevent blisters.


15. Start an indoor veggie garden by creating a mini greenhouse with plastic wrap.

Finally, if you’re still just using your wrap to package up those leftovers, store it in the freezer. When you take it out, the stuff won’t stick to itself and will thaw out quickly when you apply it to your dish!

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