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The first question you should ask yourself is whether you really need a stand mixer. Yes, they are gorgeous on the countertop, and they are very handy for certain kitchen tasks, but we have found that a good hand mixer is just as useful for nearly every kitchen task..If you re mentally picturing a stand mixer, chances are what you re thinking of is the KitchenAid version like Kleenex and Q Tips, the brand name has become the industry standard descriptor, likely much to the chagrin of Breville, Cuisinart, et al. As of , KitchenAid was selling more than . million .I use my Kitchenaid mostly for cookies cakes. I ve had my present model for over yrs. It s still great, but I need a larger bowl capacity now, so this year I ve asked Santa for the qt. model. Some other things I like using the stand mixer for pie dough I like that it doesn t heat up the dough like the Cuisinart sometimes does..I adore my KitchenAid, but think the Cuisinart one with its smartly shapped bowl is also a brilliant acquisition. And if someone had shown me a reasonably priced, less expensive model made by Brand X, I would have jumped at that ages ago. It s not about brand name. It s about performance. And maybe .

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