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Find Out Why This Kitten Is Giving Grumpy Cat A Run For Her Money

This kitty has a perfectly good reason to look grumpy.

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Last week, this one-year-old kitten stumbled into a storm drain. While trying to escape, her head became wedged into one of the grates.

Members of the Winchendon Fire Department were quick to respond and were able to remove the drain from the street.

When they arrived on the scene, the cat was barely breathing or moving. They were able to turn the grate on its side, allowing the kitten to breathe.

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When the kitten’s owner, Tim James, got there, the rescue crew had James get some soap from his kitchen…

They quickly applied the soap to her head and neck and slowly wriggled her out of the grate.

In a matter of minutes, kitten and owner were reunited.

Hours later, the kitten was too ashamed and afraid to even leave her kitty bed.

(via The Dodo)

Another amazing animal rescue by local heroes like the members of Winchendon Fire Department. Keep up the good work!

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