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Her Family Was Supposed To Protect Her From This Horror, But They Put Her Through It

When Jessa Crisp was a little girl, she was forced to do things that no child should ever experience.

At 10 years old, the Canada native was molested by her own family members, who also allowed their friends and neighbors to rape her. They even sold her to various pimps who took her to different countries for the sole purpose of selling her for ***. Now she’s bravely speaking out about everything she overcame.

“I remember the smells, the sights, and the tastes of slavery. Silently the tears flow. The horror can’t be put into words. Neither can the brothels I was taken to or the men and women I was forced to service,” she said. “Not only did I see someone very close to me murdered, but police officers were some of my buyers and multiple times I was handcuffed, raped, and told that if I told anyone I would be put in jail.”

“Although the abuse was perpetrated onto me and although I had no choice in the matter, I spent my childhood thinking I was bad, shameful, and that something was wrong with me,” she told Daily Mail. She managed to escape when a woman offered to help.

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The woman who handed her a note ended up helping her travel to a safe house in the U.S., but she was unfortunately pulled back into human trafficking after her visa expired.

She found another safe house when she returned to Vancouver, but it eventually closed. During that time, another woman approached her and began talking with her. “She said, ‘Jessa, I see sexual abuse in your eyes.’ I thought I had found a friend,” Crisp said. However, she later learned that the woman had been preying on her when she took Crisp back to her home in 2010 and forced her into *** trafficking once again.

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