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Homemade Churros Recipe – Laura Vitale – Laura in the Kitchen Episode 382

Homemade Churros Recipe - Laura Vitale - Laura in the Kitchen Episode 382

Hi guys, I am Laura Vitale. On this episode of Laura in the kitchen I gonna show you how to make churros. They have been requested like crazy on Laura in the kitchen, especially the past few months. So I'm really excited to bring you this recipe.

Let's go with the ingredient so we can get started. Ya'll need all purpose flour, eggs, water, unsalted butter, sugar, pinch of salt, a little vegetable oil,vanilla extract. You are also going to need some additional sugar, tiny pinch of cinnamon and some canola oil. Which I have heating up in my bake dutch oven to 375 but you can also do this in deep fryer if you want to.

Let's get into it, shall we? I've got a large saucepan here and I'm putting this about over medium to medium high heat. And to that I am going to add in some water, butter, vegetable oil, sugar and salt. And I'm just going bring this to boil and wait until the butter has melted. Once your mixture up to a boil, i'm going to add in flour, and i'm gonna stir like crazy until the dough comes together like a ball.

And then you're going to continue to cook to one minute, you kinda want to get rid of raw flour taste. And I'll show you the next step. Okay. Let's turn this off and put it into a bowl Now when you put it into a bowl, you gonna wanna hit it with some vanilla, and I'm just gonna mix that in.

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And as i'm mixing, with my wooden spoon. When I'm doing, i'm actually working the dough and let it cool a lil bit. If i'm working it like that, So that i'm not gonna add my eggs all at once, in such hot hot temperature. So that the dough so hot, I scramble the eggs.

You know what I mean. You dont want that. Churros scrambled egg. Not pleasant.

So just work the dough for just a couple of minutes. So once your dough has cooled just a bit, you want to get everything else ready. You want to get your pot next to you where ever you're working on, with the oil up to the temperature, you want to get a plate lined with paper towels, you want to get a clean plate, you want to a get a plate with your cinnamon sugar combination, and also you want to get either a disposable piping bag fitted with star tip or you can just use large zip lock bag, snip off on the corner and you get a disposable piping bag. There you go.

So, now to this, i am gonna add in my eggs, one at a time, and i am gonna mix well after each addition. So once your dough looks like that, you're gonna put this into your piping bag. I just put this over a glass, really really helpful. Its like someone is holding the bag for you.

Now, squeeze all the air out. Push it through. Make sure it comes out with no issues. Let see.

Yup, okay. Now you're gonna put your batter into the hot oil. But here's a tip. You're gonna make a little strip, about 5 inches long, because you don't want to put your finger near the oil.

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Take a knife, and then you make a little string here, cut one, two, and we'll do one more. Switch to a scissor. Makes things a lot easier. And you're gonna just cook for a just few minutes on each side until their golden brown.

Then you're gonna pat them on the paper towel before you dunk them into the sugar. So i'm just keep cooking all of these and then we're gonna finish them all up together. Last two, now i'm just gonna dry them off on the paper towel, briefly just to get rid of all the excess oil And then, you're gonna immediately roll them in your cinnamon sugar. How awesome is that.

It smells really good. Just continue to roll them all out. And there you go. There you have your churros! Churros are really nothing more than ,Beignet in just a different form.

Thats really what they are. And they are dipped in cinnamon sugar. And they're delightful. And i'm gonna eat one because I can.

And if you want to eat one, go get the recipe at www.Laurainthekitchen.Com, make them, and enjoy them. See you next time. Bye bye!.

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