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HOW TO CHANGE YOUR KITCHEN TAP – Monobloc Mixer – Plumbing Tips

HOW TO CHANGE YOUR KITCHEN TAP - Monobloc Mixer - Plumbing Tips

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today's Plumberparts.Co.Uk video. My name's James. Today, we're gonna have a look at or kind of revisit a video on
how to change a kitchen tap.

The one we've got in the background here has basically fallen to pieces. The guy who lives (mumbles) he's strong tried to turn the tap
off, everything fell out. Oh my ***, what am I gonna do? So basically I've come round. The landlord's asked me to come over and shove a nice little
cheapie tap in here for him.

So, what I'm gonna do is the
water is already switched off but you are definitely
gonna have to switch the water off to do this job. So make sure you know (mumbles) or if you're lucky enough and you've got an isolation valve underneath, make sure you shut them off. To make sure that the water
is turned off obviously, you know, if you've got a dripping tap it should stop dripping over time. Or if you've got any
other other kind of tap, open it up and make sure that
there's no water coming out.

Also if it's downstairs,
go upstairs as well and I'd (mumbles) some of the taps in that to allow air into the pipe work. Otherwise, when you cut
in to the pipes down below or whip the tap off, you might
get a lot of water come out but don't want that, do we? No. Anyway, I hope you
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about how to change taps. Remember everyone to hold tight! Oh and between you and me,
there's a dog in a cage just outside the (mumbles)
that does not like me. So yeah, I'm gonna get
this done pretty quick. So here we are looking at the
underside of the kitchen sink.

Now we've got the kitchen sink bowl here. These two pipes going up just here are the hot and cold feeds to the tap. So as I've got all my
water off and everything, the first thing I'm gonna do is basically cut the two pipes of those feeds. If your tap's more modern,
then you might be lucky and you find you've got flexible
tap connectors under there thereby, all you need to do
is grab a set of adjustables and just (mumbles) the knots underneath.

But as I said, make sure that
the water is off already. So here's the first bit of our job here is to just get the (mumbles) on here get these two parts cut off. Make sure when you do this that you check your new flexibles will be long enough for where
you're cutting the pipe off. So there you go, now you can see we've cut those two bits off.

We did get a little bit of water out this hot pipe here, but that's okay. Make sure you make a
mental note of which way these pipes lined up so you know which way to put your hot and cold round when you put the new tap in. Right, so for this next bit you're gonna need to lay down actually inside the cupboard on your back. So I'd recommend you dry out
everything as much as you can.

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I mean this is really the
worst part of this job and let's face it, there's not really many sort of pluses to take away from this job in the first place. What you're gonna do is
you're gonna lay on this towel on your back, a bit like you're
working on underneath a car. And you'll see up underneath
there'll be a small knot or maybe two small knots, and what they do, they clamp
on the bottom of the tap, okay. So what we need to do is
undo both of these knots and then hopefully your tap should pull out nice
and easily from the top.

This bit is what I
described in previous videos is absolute **** and agony. But if you grit hard, then
you'll be able to get through it and hopefully complete the full job. It's most likely that you
guys are gonna have to use an adjustable spanner
like this or like this. You can buy these two spanners (mumbles) about this long and they'll have two different ends on each thing.

They're perfect for this sort of job. I got my welder out and put an
extra length of metal on here so I can reach it easy from
the other side of the sink. Alright so we're lucky,
cause that's one knot. (Mumbles) this size.

So the knot we're talking
about is this one here, just under there right there. Get that on there. Now you can see how
difficult this would be to do if you didn't actually have a proper set of little spanners like this or even a small cheap spanner. (Mumbles) very difficult to do with just a normal set
of adjustable spanners.

You're just gonna keep
on twisting (mumbles) So now you should be able to pull it out from the top of those clamps
should just fall down. So now we've got our old tap out. It's probably a good idea
you just give it a bit of a clean round here. It's always the next thing I do.

Just make sure that there's no (mumbles) cause that might make the
installation of your new tap look a little bit, you
know, well (mumbles) So there we go that's ready. Now all we need to do is
prepare our new tap to go in and then refix it back in reverse order and then pipe it up, test
everything for leaks, and hopefully should be done. Right, so we've got the tap itself here. The first thing you're gonna do basically is you've got two braided
hoses with this particular tap.

You might not get that with normal ones. So what we're gonna do is put (mumbles) on this side that correlates
to the red side of the tap. That's gonna go in like that. These do not need to be
over tightened or anything.

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As you can see here, there's
a little rubber o-ring round this flexible here. That is what does the sealing. It's not the tightness of the thread. It's not how much you tighten them up.

As long as this o-ring goes fully into the bottom of the tap, that'll be fine. So basically, just like this. So we just pop that in there like so and basically you just twist it up and you'll see that the
o-ring will just disappear nice and easily inside there, okay. So that's ready to go.

So if we have a quick look at actually how this sort of sets up, we've got a little decorative (mumbles) that goes under here. And what that does is that
sits on there like so. And you've got your
rubber o-ring under there that will stop any
splash water going down. The next thing if you have a look nice and closely right down here on this single (mumbles) of tap, you have a small bolt
just like this one here.

What you do, you screw
that into the (mumbles) just on here. What that does is that's
gonna be what our clamp goes around underneath. That is everything that goes
on the upper side of your sink. Okay, that's all we've got on that side.

So underneath, actually doing the clampin' we've got a small rubber here. (Mumbles) basically protects
the other side of your sink or whatever you've got there. Also then you've got a
proper metal clamp like this that pops on there just like that. And then just on top of there, you've got a nut that
goes underneath, okay.

Now as an option, you can have a larger sort of piece that fits underneath here. That's if you've got a really wobbly sink or you don't think it's gonna
be sturdy enough for the tap. So if we look at it like this, if my fingers are the actual basin this is what you've got, okay. That's how it works.

And that bit there will tighten up, clamp up onto the bottom like that and then that'll hold down
our tap nice and safely. We are now gonna feed in both our little parts just like so, like that. And they're gonna pop out of the bottom and then we're just gonna set our tap down making sure that our rubber
seal goes around nicely. So alright, now we've got that in this is the most
difficult part of the job.

So now we got that in, you can try and fold that round onto here. This is very, very, very
difficult part of the job it's just gettin' this bit under here trying to get our rubber o-ring on there. You might want someone to
give you a hand holding it up. Now I'm just gonna try and (mumbles) (pipe rattling) Alright, so there we go (mumbles) Soon's you get that started, lookin' good.

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Now you just wanna lift
that up a little bit then go back above. Make sure you've got the tap
aligned to how you want it and then get back underneath and give it a real good tightening up. If you've got someone
above there helping you, just make sure that they've
got it lined up right and then you can tighten it up now. So now all I'm gonna do is very quickly pipe up our hot and
cold the right way round and then I'm gonna turn the water back on and test for leaks.

You might have (mumbles) as well I've popped in an isolation valve and also we've got flexibles
on there now as well. So if there are any more
problems in the future, not only will they be
able to isolate that tap and not have to knock
off all the pipe work, but also the next plumber or (mumbles) will find it a lot easier to
change the tap in the future. Well I'm obviously gonna
(mumbles) as well before we go is to have a quick word with the customer. See if you can get rid of some
of this (mumbles) as well.

It's not very good. And also get this clipped
up nice and properly. So there we go, that's all done. We've got the water back
on, we've tested for leaks, we've got no leaks.

We're gonna clip those pipes
up like I said in a minute and also try to change out as much as that (mumbles) as possible. Cause from a plumber's perspective, I much prefer to see
proper copper (mumbles) and they're nicely clipped up
in the back of that cupboard. I hope you've enjoyed today's video and I hope it's helped you learn how to actually do the changeover of a single pillar kitchen tap. If you want anymore help
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