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How to Cook Polenta in a Green KitchenMixing Ingredients For A Green Polenta Recipe

How to Cook Polenta in a Green KitchenMixing Ingredients For A Green Polenta Recipe

The time has come to assemble the dish. I
have a 9 by 13 glass pan. I'm just going to coat the bottom with a little bit of olive
oil just so nothing sticks. And then our first layer is going to be the polenta that we just

Now that it's nice and thick and is going to make a nice solid base. So let
me bring it over from the stove. It might be a little hot. Let's see.

Ah, beautiful
consistency. There we go. Get it all down inside, and it's going to be, oh just the
smell of it, I mean you can smell it and you can know what it's going to taste like. That
parmesan comes right out, there's the garlic smell, beautiful yellow color.

Put this back.
Oh, steaming. So then just spread it out evenly over the bottom of the pan. It's almost like
we're making kind of a almost like a casserole in a way. And we've been doing this the whole
time while the vegetables were roasting.

And it's been about 45 minutes, they should be
all ready to go. Let's take a look at them. Ha ha ha, look at that. They have all roasted
down, so like I said they got way smaller and nice steam coming off of there.

And got
the caramelization on them. It's going to be awesome. The parsnips and the carrots have
softened. This is a little messy let me we need a different one.

So now I'm just going
to arrange these on top and be kind of delicate because I don't want to smush them too bad.
Get them all over as a top layer on top of this polenta. Yeah and that, our secret ingredient of the
fennel adds such a great smell to it. It smells, I just burned myself. Don't touch a hot pan.
Not a good, not a good idea.

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Not a good tip. Let me, let me spread this all around, fill
in all of the gaps. There we go. Gorgeous.

You just don't want to mess up, you don't
want to mess up your pretty polenta too much. Just kind of coat it. So, we've got our layer
of polenta, the layer of vegetables, now we get to do a delicious topping..

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