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How to make Home Made Butter (with Captions)

How to make Home Made Butter (with Captions)

I'm going to show you how I make butter in my KitchenAid Stand Mixer. You know what those are right? It runs really, really fast. I'm going to go ahead and start it beating and then I'm going to tell you some more stuff First of all, this is my cream. And it is at 64F, see that right there   You want it to be between 61 and 65 to get it to separate really fast.

I'm just going to dump it in the bowl I'm going to use the wire whisk to start and I'm just going to turn it on high. Oops, it's not plugged in. Ok, turn it on High Now you've got to really watch it because once it breaks Once it breaks, it will start splashing all over the place. I'm using Manufacturing Cream I didn't know what it was when I saw it in the store it's actually higher in fat than (what is labeled as) Heavy Cream You can see the ingredients, just Heavy Cream.

And man, this stuff makes great butter. So, ok, let's see. It's about two cups. I should have set a timer, well there is a timer on the video recording.

Ahh, haha I usually put the screen on it, but you know, the cover, but I wanted to let you see it working. So I'm going to clear up some little splashes when we are done. What I'm going to do… So, the other things I got out, is a pitcher of ice water, and I'm going to use that, to rinse the buttermilk out of the cream, I've also got  a glass to pour the buttermilk into.

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Once it cracks. I'm going to switch to the beater blade. Because it is really hard to get the butter out of the wire whisk. Hahaha I'm getting splashed all over.

Oh, it is getting ready to break so it is hard to get the butter out of the wire whisk so I'm going to switch to this once it cracks oh, there it goes, it is cracking or breaks or… There is a better term… Oh there it goes You see that? Now it is starting to splash all over the place I'm going to take the wire whisk off How long was that? 3 Minutes. And now, I'm going to go ahead and scrape the sides down a little bit I'm going to keep beating it with the beater blade for just a minute to let it clump up some more but I'm going to run it at a slower speed so I don't splash the heck out of myself You can see it is butter already, right? Ok, now, that's the buttermilk there I'm going to go ahead and pour the buttermilk off let's get that off there I'm going to squish this butter I'm going to squish the butter over to make it be in one clump see, I'm just squishing all those clumps together so I can pour that buttermilk off here is my glass and I'll just You can use that for baking or whatever I'm going to go ahead and scrape down the sides a little bit and I will put it back on the mixer and now, I'm going to add Ice Water Oops, I'm hurrying, not a whole lot of ice water the purpose of this is because you have to get the buttermilk out of the butter because the butter won't last nearly as long if you leave buttermilk in it If you get all of the buttermilk out It will last, very well I'm going to scrape that off And once again…

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This I'm going to pour in the sink… I'm just going to squish it together in one big lump and then I'm going to pour the liquid off it is still milky white I'm going to keep doing this until it is clear hehe it is not that messy when i'm not trying to do it fast, and on camera I'm keeping the ice from going into it i don't want cracked ice in my butter you can see the water is almost like, already almost clear so it is almost clean see if this was stuck in the wire whisk it is crazy (hard) to get it out of there and because it is ice water, it won't blend in with the butter 'cause it is nice and cold ok, I'm going to squish it to the side just like I showed you before I'm going to do it off camera so I can go a little faster I'm going to blend it again with some more ice water to get whatever buttermilk I still have in there off hahaha, like I said, it is not that messy when you do it Oh, ho, that was an accident (laughing) Ok, i'm going to stop with the mixer 'cause it is almost clear and I'm going to scrape this stuff out I'll clean it up better at the end you can see, my water is darn near clear and I'm going to just finish it off by hand pour that off add some more water in it and squish it around a little more see if I can get any more milk out see I've been really messing with it and there is no color to that water I got all that milk out Now you pour the water out and you squish it around a little more 'cause there are water globules in there and we don't want our butter to be wet as you get a little water out you just dump it out of the bowl and I think that is about it We have Butter! And this is goood butter.

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