Kitchen Mixer

I walked into my friend's kitchen to find this…

I walked into my friend's kitchen to find this...

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  1. MrFiend Reply

    Whatsa matter? Never seen a dog with table manners before?

  2. kcloud Reply

    Off topic, but you can win trophies on Imgur?

  3. KingMachine Reply

    She’s stuck, help her out…geez

  4. counslor Reply

    Breakfast. Now.

  5. SauceForScience Reply

    its the zack morris of dogs

  6. WhoIsHarlequin Reply

    Look at those cute paws and cute face.

  7. dalif Reply

    That dog collar looks like it’s gonna get snagged on everything.

  8. CapnCook Reply

    “Hello, I’ve been waiting for you”

  9. Whetu Reply

    That chair needs to swivel.

  10. DreamALittleDreamOfMe Reply

    My body is ready.

  11. laurencrookie Reply

    I don’t always sit in sexy positions, but when I do, it’s because I’m too sexy not to.

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