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If You Think Snakes Are Worse Than Spiders, You Haven’t Seen This Creepy-Crawly

Spiders and snakes aren’t exactly high on my list of favorite animals.

If I had to choose between coming into contact with a deadly snake or a venomous spider, I think I’d just burn it all down and leave this miserable life behind. I’d say most people would feel similarly terrible about those prospects, so you can imagine the shock and surprise these warehouse workers felt when they discovered a venomous redback spider and eastern brown snake together. Thankfully, both deadly animals weren’t in the mood for human flesh. They’d set their sights on each other.

After the snake got himself tangled up in the spider’s web, it was only a matter of time before this epic battle came to a deadly end. The spider soon made its slow descent to take a fatal bite.

In this round of spider versus snake, spider wins.

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