Kitchen Mixer

Kitchen Aid Mixer Operations

Kitchen Aid Mixer Operations

(Techno music with a heavy bass) – Now we're gonna look at how we set up the Kitchen Aid machine. This is sometimes
called, more generically, a stand mixer, and it does a lot of pastry
work here in our department, but it also does some vinaigrette making. We have our standard machine, which can be plugged in, as any machine can, although we should have it
unplugged when it's not in use. This machine works a little different than the ones you may see at home, the first thing is that it moves up and down through this lever arm, some work a little bit differently.

We have three attachments, we have our whisk, our dough hook, and our paddle, most of what we'll see
here in our department is either a paddle or a whisk, today we'll show you how
to hook up the paddle. The paddle has a specific
locking mechanism on the shaft of this machine, I'll show you the bowl, the work bowl first, there's a button on the back that slides into this clip, and then there's two eyelets that attach right here. So the first thing we're going to do is we're going to put the eyelets on and push it down 'til it locks in place
with that button there. We're going to leave the
machine down for right now, and we're going to lock
in our paddle attachment.

You can see there's a little peg here, and it's going to fit in to the machine, or to the paddle attachment, will fit in right across that peg. And slide it in, and then the paddle turns and locks down. That's the way all the attachments go on. Here with this machine.

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And then the bowl gets lifted up, and I have five speeds, for more of a stirring, up to a hard beating. That's all it takes for this machine, make sure you don't overfill this machine and turn it on fast, that's one thing we want
to be concerned about, otherwise, that's the end..

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