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Kitchen Utensil Storage How to Organize Kitchen Gadgets

Kitchen Utensil Storage How to Organize Kitchen Gadgets

Hi, I'm organizing and lifestyle expert Lorie
Marrero and today we're going to talk about kitchen utensils and gadgets. I have drawers overflowing with these things. Let's talk about how to get these under control,
how to think about them differently. Mainly people make this one mistake with kitchen
utensils and that is there are three categories of utensils and everyone doesn't know that
and they mix them all up into one big category in one big drawer and they can't find anything.

So I want you to think about this way instead. There's a category for serving which is the
stuff that you need to have at the table to actually serve the food and eat it, so an
ice cream scoop, some kind of a spatula thing and salad thongs. Those are serving utensils. Those need to be stored with your silverware
nearby the table, some place where you can serve with them, okay? Then the next category is cooking utensils.

I recommend having some kind of large open
container near your stove where you can just grab these to cook with them. As you can see, you're needing to whisk something,
you're needing to scrape something, stir something, whatever. All of that kind of stuff is together and
it's in a A location where you can grab it really fast. So we have so far serving and cooking.

The third kind of utensil is food preparation. This is where you might have a lot of stuff
so examples of that would be measuring spoons, measuring cups, garlic press. This requires a lot of extra explanation because
people have a lot of mixed feelings about these. They have little gadgets that they don't use
very often and they think, "I probably shouldn't have this" and the drawer gets cluttered with
all of those special single-use gadgets.

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So let's talk about those for a second. If you use them and you love them and enjoy
them, then you should keep them. I have some single-use gadgets that I'm a
big fan of. I would never want to get rid of them and
they earn their space in the drawer because I really like them.

Sometimes it's just the best tool for the
job. Here's an example. I buy natural nut butters, almond butters,
peanut butters, and they always have oil separated. You can probably see that where I'm showing

I have this tool, this is the Grandpa Witmer's
Old-Fashioned Peanut Butter Mixer and it's just the perfect tool for this because it's
so messy to try to stir this with a knife or spoon and the oil spills out everywhere. So I just put this in here and sometimes the
lid doesn't exactly fit on the jar but basically you're just able to hold the lid down and
then you just stir it up and it keeps the oil from sloshing out. It works really well, so that earns its space
in my drawer. The other thing recently I've started to enjoy
using is this spiralizer.

I eat about 805 Paleo which means I don't
eat grains and I don't certainly eat pasta so they have a lot of great recipes out there
for zucchini squash pasta and I wanted to have one of these so that I could have my
zucchini pasta, so I'll show you how that works. It makes these long strands of zucchini. I'm trying to show it where you can see it
on the camera, and so it does it with these strands but it also does it in a ribbon form
so it makes these long ribbons of zucchini, and that works really well. I put pesto sauce on them or some kind of
Thai peanut sauce or something, and this gadget definitely earns a space.

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I really enjoy using that. By the way there are other spiralizer machines
out there that are really large and you can put anything like an apple or sweet potato
on it and it's got a big crank and it takes up a lot of space. That might be good if you need that capability. For me, I just found, all I ever wanted to
do was the zucchini so this really did the job for me.

Takes up a small amount of space. Anyway, please feel free to keep those single-use
food preparation gadgets but only if they earn their space in the drawer. Let me know what your favorite gadgets are
and your challenges in storing your utensils here in our comments. If you want more tips and strategies for your
kitchen, I just wrote a new kitchen e-book that you can see in the link down below.

In fact I have links for all these things
if you're curious about them, well most of them that I showed you, and you could find
out more about my kitchen e-book there. It is called How to Organize Your Kitchen
for Healthy Eating. I hope you enjoy it and I will see you again. May you always be happy and grateful for having
more than enough..

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