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My Kitchenaid Mixer Is Smoking

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Smoking Kitchen Aid. Hello all, this is my first post to The Fresh Loaf. I hope I am posting this in the correct forum. I received a beautiful Kitchen Aid mixer for my wedding and I have been using it A LOT for the last two years. I make a lot of bread still learning . Wednesday Day before Thanksgiving of all .I was rolling out pasta dough on the Kitchen Aid Mixer using the pasta attachment last night and I started to smell something burrning, then smoke started billowing out of the back of mixer and now it doesnt work. Has this happened to anyone? My mixer is about years old. Reply to Post. Want to stay up to .I was kneading bread with my stand mixer this morning Kitchenaid “Professional” Plus, W , and after about minutes it shut off and started .The features and functions vary from machine to machine, such as the size of the mixing bowl and the accompanying attachments. However, most of KitchenAid s mixers have a few components and uses that create heat and even can cause smoke. You can troubleshoot at least five general aspects of these .

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