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Replacing the Speed lever on KitchenAid KSM150 mixer

Replacing the Speed lever on KitchenAid KSM150 mixer

In this video I'm going to show you how to replace the speed lever on your KitchenAid stand mixer. The speed lever can be found on both the tilt head and the bowl lift mixers. Make sure the power is switched off and your appliance is unplugged. Start by removing the end cover.

To do this you will need a screwdriver to undo the screw at the top of the end cover. Lift the end cover off. Next remove the trim band. To do this you need to remove the two screws at the back of the mixer.

Keep the screws together safely so that you dont lose them as you will need them later when you put the trim band back on. Now remove the trim band by lifting it off the mixer carefully. Next you need to turn your mixer upside down and place it on a cradle. On a tilt head mixer, using a flat head screwdriver loosen the grub screw by placing the screwdriver into the slot and turning it a few times.

Now use a drift punch and a hammer to remove the hinge pin. The hinge pin allows the tilt head mixer to move back easily. Once your hinge pin is removed, you can then remove the pedestal base and place it on one side. Next remove the drip ring.

To do this place the screwdriver into the gap and gently prise the drip ring off. You will need a drift punch and a hammer. You may need someone to hold the mixer steady whilst you knock out the pin holding the planetary to the shaft. This can be tricky on some mixers if the pin has been misshapen over time Now to remove the planetary, you need two flat screwdrivers.

You need to put them into the gaps either side of the planetary and just prise it up until it comes off. Be careful as this can be very greasy. Turn your mixer around to partly remove the power cord. To do this, you need to partly pull it out.

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Next remove the 5 special screws using a flat head screwdriver or square head screwdriver if your mixer is fitted with square head screws. Then remove the 4 remaining screws attached to the lower gear case. This mixer is a US version therefore there are no wires attaching the lower and upper housing together. With the European version you will need to open the mixer like a book and rest the lower housing next to the upper housing due to the wires connecting them together.

The lower housing should simply lift off. If not use two levers, place them in the slots either side of the gear case and prise them up carefully until they come apart. Be careful the two units will have lots of grease inside. When you look inside the lower gear case housing you will see the control plate and above it the control spring.

Remove it from the control board. It is easier if the speed lever is set to the off position. Using the needle nose pliers, grip the spring and gently pull it off the control board and hook it on to the upper gear case. Now you can release the speed control link and cam.

To do this you need to take out the pivot screw and tension washer. This can be found on the base of the upper housing. The speed control link and cam assembly can now be removed by pulling it out of the gear case motor housing. Now put your new speed control link and cam assembly and secure it in place with the pivot screw and tension washer.

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Get the needle nose pliers and unhook the control plate spring from the housing and reattach it to the control board. Now tighten the pivot screw. If it is too tight the lever will not move easily. Before placing the lower gear housing back together, now would be a good time to check your grease levels.

Now you need to put the gear case back onto the housing. This should just fall into place, but if it doesnt just jiggle the shaft until its found where its meant to sit properly. Then you can just remove the extra grease around the edges. Please be extra careful that no wires get trapped.

Now you need to insert the 5 special screws and the 4 mounting screws tightening them with a screwdriver. Ensure you have used the small washer on the rear screw as shown. Now all the screws are in you are going to put the planetary back on. To do this you need to line up the holes first as this will make it easier to slide it on then get a drift punch and put it through the hole of the planetary to make sure it is lined up with the shaft.

Take the groove pin and knock it back in using the drift punch and hammer. The pin goes all the way through so that it is flush. Now put the drip ring back on. Place it into position and using a rubber mallet just tap down on it, to make sure it goes properly into place so that there are no gaps.

Turn the mixer around and reinsert the power lead. Next we reattached the pedestal. On a bowl lift mixer, attach it with the 4 screws removed earlier. On a tilt-head mixer, place the pedestal back on the head and insert the hinge pin through the hole.

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You may need to use a mallet to knock it into position. Sometimes, it can be fiddly to line it up. Lifting the pedestal a little will often help. Keep tapping the pin until it is flush and even on both sides.

Next tighten the grub screw. Just place the screwdriver in the slot and turn until tight. Now we are going to turn the mixer back upright to finish the last bits. Now replace the trim band, just take the trim band, pop it back over and screw back in.

Then put the end cover on making sure no wires are stuck or caught. Make sure it is fitted on properly and take the screw and screw it back in the top. Now plug in your appliance and switch the power on. Turn your mixer on, moving the speed lever switch through all the different speeds to check that it works correctly.

Your speed lever is now working correctly! If you have any queries following this video or if you have seen any parts that you would like to order please visit us via our website www.Kaparts.Co.Uk Thank you for watching..

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