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Skillet Pita Flatbread~Homemade Flatbread Recipe~Easy Skillet Pita~Noreen’s Kitchen

Skillet Pita Flatbread~Homemade Flatbread Recipe~Easy Skillet Pita~Noreen's Kitchen

Hi, everyone. I'm Noreen and welcome back to my kitchen today It's hot outside and we're going to have cold platter for dinner tonight So that means I got to make some pita bread but we're not going to make it in the oven we're going to make it on top of the stove in a hot skillet and It makes it a lot easier and a lot less hot in your house So let's go see how easy pita bread are to put together Alright. We're just going to go ahead and get started. I am making pita bread today and because it is Hotter than hades outside in my neck of the woods, and it is time to have cold platter for dinner so when we make cold platter we like to have Pita bread alongside of that so we can just make pocket sandwiches and dinners easy Now I do not make my pita bread in the oven especially when it is hotter than hades outside because My my kitchen will be that hot too because when you make pita bread in the oven you kind of have to Preheat it to 500 degrees, then you're in and out of the oven It's just a horrible experience so today we're going to make it in an iron skillet on top of the stove It's going to come out great.

It's going to be a lot faster It's going to be a lot easier and kitchen is not going to get overheated as a result So we're going to have to make sure that we start off with the dough So really this is kind of an odd little dough, so instead of like you know How we usually make bread or a yeast dough. We usually just start off with all the liquids in the bottom Mixture bowls but today We're going to put all the dry things in first and then we're going to add the liquids in and we're going to give it A little bit of a need then we're going to give it a rise Probably isn't going to take long for it to rise with as warm as it is today But I want to get this done well before the heat of the afternoon so that my kitchen isn't going to overheat So what I have in the bowl is four cups of all-purpose flour one Tablespoon of instant Yeast 1 Tablespoon of sugar entity a teaspoon of salt Now I'm just going to give that a mix and then I'm going to go ahead. I'm going to just turn it on low I'm going to add one egg Get that mixed in there. I'm getting a cup of water And a half a cup of oil, this is olive oil a light olive oil and you see it's going to all start to come together you want to go ahead and knead this for about five minutes and When that's ready, we'll come back, and I'll show you what it looks like Okay, we've needed for five minutes, and I just before I took it out of the bowl and stop the mixer I poured a tiny little bit of olive oil in there just so that the dough would release easily and I wouldn't have to scrape Now you can see there's a little residue in the bottom this Joe is going to be soft and that is how you want it But you see how beautiful and supple it is it's so nice You're going to love it, and I know it's a little odd that you see a pita bread recipe with an egg in it But I find that adding the egg really makes a huge difference So I'm just going to put it in a little bowl to rise here And I'm going to put some olive oil on the top I'm going to flip it over there was already a little bit of oil in the bottom there, so I'm just going to put this to rise.

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I'm going to put a bonnet on it I'm going to put it on the back of my stove in my warm kitchen and probably take about an hour to rise At that time we'll come back, and I'll show you what happens next Okay, it's been just over an hour and our dough is ready to go It's beautiful and puffy and we're just going to deflate it Perfect cloth feels really good. It's going to make really nice Pitas okay, I'm going to divide this up into 12 maybe 16 we'll see how big they are and Then I'm going to start rolling them out so I'll be back when I got them all divided up, okay? I went ahead and I I scaled up my dough, and we came up with 16 exactly it was just over 32 ounces and So what I did was I like to scale my dough when I'm making rolls and peeta like this because I liked everything come out Even so these are 2 ounce ***** they're about at the end. I had a tiny little bit left So I just divided it up into each Piled dough now. I'm going through and I'm just kind of rounding everything up, so Just like when we shape a dinner roll We're going to put the dough down on the we're going to gently cup our hand over it with a little bit of force But not so gentle we're going to press it against the board So we're going to roll it around in our hand.

Go ahead and do it one more time I left the last two to show you And the next thing I'm going to do is I'm just going to put these on a sheet pan lined with a parchment So that everything is out of my way, and then I'm going to commence to rolling these out Okay, we're going to roll out. I've already rolled out all of my dough with the exception of the last two here They are I have an other pan on the stove. So we're just going to set our Bulb dough on the board and yes, it's floured You want to flatten it out evenly with the palm of your hand and then I have this nifty little Rolling pin that is nothing more than Calls or rocks. It's a piece of closet Rod, and I love it And I like it for things like this and for tortillas because you get really good control and pressure on On whatever you're rolling out and since we want these to be about six inches in diameter This little rolling pin is perfect is about eight inches so the next time your husband's out in the shop tell them you need a Little short Rolling pin like this you can make it out of a fat dowel or closet Rod We had a piece of closet Rod stick and you know hanging around so I also have a longer rolling pin Made out of the same closet Rod and once you wash it and oil it.

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It's great It's nice and smooth you definitely want to use some flour here You don't want that sticking down to the board? And you'll see how I'm doing this I'm rolling forwards and backwards Then I'm turning it a half a turn again forwards and backwards this is how you maintain a circle shape And if you don't have round pitas nobody is going to care they're going to be delicious anyway, and there you go Okay, we're going to go heat up the skillet, and we'll meet you over at the stove okay, I'm down to my last two and What I have done is There's 14 in here already don't think pretty yeah, and they smell really good too so as they come out I pop them in here I wrap them up in the towel that will keep them nice and warm And I'll keep them soft and supple and ready to go now these have been sitting on the sheet pan and You want to gently take it off the sheet pan and you want to put it? Down the side that was up on the sheet pan now sometimes they don't puff up but that doesn't mean they're not going to separate when you open them and Really if they don't big deal everyone's still going to love them anyway, just fold them in half and eat. It like a taco It's just not a big deal Pita bread is just really delicious, and it's super easy to make as you can see now. This is a dry. Frying pan Cast-iron you use whatever pan you have you have a nonstick skillet that will work, too I have it on medium high heat And you just need to be patient you can definitely tell it starts to puff up a little you see Here's a bubble forming here it's just sometimes it's not as dramatic as you may have seen in the past every recipe is a little bit different and What you want to make sure that you do see this is ready to flip if You don't like it that brown don't leave it down there, so long We're going to hold come on or don't talk so much.

It's my fault because I yakety yakety yet And I like to just do this you can choose not to Everybody makes them differently if you've never tried making pita. This is a really easy way to do it The skillet is the way to go okay, and that's it. We're going to put it back in the Bowl I'll meet you over at the counter And I'll show you what these look like and there you have it our Pita bread is done and ready to go I just put it in this bowl for serving and I'm when I'm done with the video I'm going to put it back in the bowl with the towel to keep them warm and soft Because we're not going to be eating dinner for a couple of hours anyway But I wanted to show you we did tear one in half and I'll tear another one in half for you Let's see if we can find a good one so sometimes they don't like to separate and I know that that's what pita is all about but It's beautiful bread. It really really is and you know it'll gently Separate if you Nudge it a little but if you don't you can just use this to enjoy with your salad or your meal You don't necessarily have to stuff anything in there But like I said you can always make a sandwich and do it like a taco And I'm not going to complain about that and because we're not always going for perfection in this house.

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We're just going for delicious this is delicious straight up and Once these cool off a bit They may actually separate a little bit better, so I'm not going to worry about it These are still really warm and they're perfect for eating right now. You can smear these with some butter you can enjoy them with a curry you can enjoy them with just about anything if you're Maple syrup, they're not paying cakes honey, baby if you are a fan of middle Eastern or East Indian food these are going to be delicious to scoop up your Doll or your butter chicken or anything of that nature? So I highly recommend you give them a try if you've always wanted to try making pita give them a try I know you're going to love them So if you liked my video today, please consider giving me a thumbs up and if you're new here I want to say welcome always nice to have someone news coming around and visiting my kitchen And I hope that you'll consider hitting the subscribe button if you are a member already of the Marines kitchen family Please remember hit that bell Notification button because we don't want anyone to miss out on all the real food for real people real easy recipes That we present all the time right here on our YouTube channel and straight from our kitchen. I hope that you will give this Stovetop skillet pita bread a try and I hope you love it and until next time I'll see ya.

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