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Stand Mixer Repair – Replacing the Worm Gear (Whirlpool Part # W10112253)

Stand Mixer Repair - Replacing the Worm Gear (Whirlpool Part # W10112253)

Hi, its Steve from PartSelect. Today were
going to show you how to change the worm gear on your mixer. Its a really easy job but
you will need a few tools: well start with a soft-headed hammer, a larger ball-peen hammer,
youll need two flat blade screwdrivers, youll also need a Phillips screwdriver
and a small punch or flat blade screwdriver, a putty knife, and a couple of drift punches,
one at 3/30 seconds, and one at 5/30 seconds. Let me show you how we do it.
Now before we begin this repair the first thing well do is disconnect the power to
the mixer and well set it on a suitable work surface.
Now theres a couple of methods that you could use to replace those parts.

You could
either do it with the mixer head mounted to the base, or remove the mixer head; well
do that method because it is a little easier to see what we are doing.
So tilt it up, remove a single flat blade screw thats down inside the base. Just
loosen that a couple of turns then we can remove the pivot pin.
Set that aside, lift the base off and well set that aside.
Now well also need to remove the planetary gear assembly and theres a little trim
ring around that that needs to come off. So with either a putty knife or flat blade screwdriver
just catch the edge of that and give it a slight tap. And do the same on the reverse
side; and well set that aside.

Now well also have to remove the pin that
is in that shaft so with our 5/30 seconds punch and our ball-peen hammer were going
to tap that pin out. Set that aside.
Well also have to remove four flat blade screws that secure the motor to the gear assembly.
Now one of these screws has a lock-washer on it so well make sure that when you put
it back together that that screw goes in either of the back two slots.
We can now flip the assembly over and remove a single Phillips screw from the rear motor
cover. Well tilt that cover back and unhook it from the bottom; set that aside.
And well also pull the strain relief for the cord from that U-shaped slot on the bottom.
Now were ready to separate the planetary gear from the top; you may need a couple flat
blade screwdrivers, just go in under either of these slots where there is a screw existing
and pry upwards on it, then lift that carefully off of the shaft and set that aside.
Now we can remove the five slot-head screws around the perimeter of that.
Now once weve removed all those five screws we can now separate the motor from the gear
assembly. Now theres a fair amount of grease inside that housing so use a little caution
so you dont get it all over yourselves.

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We can now set the motor aside; take care
not to damage the gasket. Well start by removing some of the excess
grease from the assembly; just scrape it off with a putty knife; we can wipe it back in
the motor housing. Next well remove three Phillips screws
that hold the bracket to the housing. And now we can lift that worm gear and bracket
completely off.

Once we have that assembly out where we can
work at it, well rotate that bevel gear and find a pin that secures it to the shaft
so we need to knock that pin out; so with our 3/30 seconds pin punch.
Now pull that lower gear and shaft completely out of the housing; if it wont pry out
easily just stand it on end and tap it through from the top, just make sure you have an opening
through the bottom for the gear to slide out through.
Now pull that lower gear and shaft completely out of the housing; we can now lift the worm
gear out and there is a spacer washer on either side of that worm gear so make sure that we
have those installed when we replace the gear. Set the old one aside.
Drop the new one into place and reinsert that shaft and gear. Make sure you line up the
spacer washer. Then well line up the hole in the new gear
with the hole in the shaft and well reinsert the pin.
Then well take the pin, line it up with the hole in the worm gear, and well tap
that into place.

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Then with our punch, well seat it completely until its flush; make
sure its equal distance on both sides. And now we can put a little bit of that grease
back on that worm gear. Just scoop some out of the motor housing, apply it liberally,
and then you can put the assembly back on the gear case.
Now well take our new assembly, and before we install it on the housing well just
scoop a little bit of that grease on the motor housing and apply it liberally to the bevel
gear. Now there are two locator pins on that housing
that will line up with two holes on the bevel gear and bracket.
Next install those three screws.

Now we want to make sure we do tighten all three of those
screws securely; they do have a lock washer under the head of them to keep them snug.
Now well make sure all three of those screws are nice and secure.
Now were ready to mount the gear assembly back into the motor housing. We need to make
sure that that gasket stays in place. Now it may not immediately sit all the way down
and if you need to just put a pin punch through the hole in that shaft and turn it enough
so that the gear will mesh. We can now install the five screws around
that planetary gear.

Next we can put the four screws that hold
the base to the motor assembly. Remember to keep the screw with the lock washer at the
rear. We can now set that gear assembly on the top;
this shaft has a little bit of movement up and down in it so take note of where the hole
is for the pin, try to line that up as best you can.
Now with a small flat blade screwdriver we can reach in and locate that hole through
the shaft, pull the shaft upwards. Well reinsert  the pin; insert it so that its equal distance
on both sides.

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Well now put the rear motor cover on; slide
the electrical cord and the strain relief into position. Theres two hooks on the
bottom of that rear motor cover that fit into a little slot in the bottom there; make sure
theyre engaged. Replace the single screw that holds that cover
in place. Were going to put the trim ring back over
the planetary gear; using a soft-faced hammer well just tap that into position.
Now were ready to mount the stand.

Slide the pin through so its flush on both sides.
Tighten up that slot-head screw. Remove any of the grease we may have gotten
on the exterior case, and our repair is complete. Told you it was an easy job. Thanks for watching,
and good luck with your repair..

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