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Super Soft & Flavorful Hokkaido Whole Wheat Milk Bread for Beginners (Stand Mixer)

Super Soft & Flavorful Hokkaido Whole Wheat Milk Bread for Beginners (Stand Mixer)

Hey guys it's Jessie here. I'm so excited
to show you how I make this Japanese Hokkaido milk bread. The bread
is super soft and melt in your mouth on the inside. The crust is flaky and crispy
when it's toasted.

If you haven't made bread before, don't worry! I will explain
all the steps so you can follow and make delicious bread on your first attempt! So
let's get started. What makes this recipe special is it
contains 23 percent whole wheat flour and we are going to use it to make
tangzhong which is what we call water roux. So I combined whole wheat flour and hot
water in a mixing bowl. Once it's cooled down, gently knead the dough until the
flour is incorporated.

I love to use whole wheat flour in making bread
because whole wheat flour is not only healthier, but also more aromatic than
regular milk bread. It has a fuller texture, but also can dry out and make
the bread crumbly. So using hot water and refrigerating the tangzhong overnight will
soften the whole wheat flour and make the bread soft and fluffy. So the next
day we can make the main dough by combining the following ingredients in
the bowl of a stand mixer.

And I recommend adding any liquid like milk at first and flour at the end so that the flour doesn't stick
at the bottom when mixing. And then we turn the mixer on low speed
I'm using two for my mixer and add whole wheat tongzhong in small pieces. After kneading about three minutes
everything is incorporated and you will notice that there is not much dough
sticking to the mixing bowl and now it's time to check on the dough take a small
piece of the dough and gently stretch it out and then you will notice the dough
becomes slightly elastic it's time to add salt. Adding the salt later on in the
mixing process, it is to allow more time for enzymatic processes to happen before
the salt inhibits them.

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After four to five minutes, we can switch off and check
on the dough again. Take a small piece of the dough and gently stretch it out. If
it becomes much more elastic but still can be torn apart that means 80% to
completion now it's time to add soft butter Set the mixer on medium speed and mix
for another two to three minutes. The reason we add butter last is it can
inhibit gluten formation.

It coats the proteins that will form gluten. We want
to knead the dough to get gluten faster Now let's check on the dough
again if it's elastic but still can be torn apart easily we need another one to
two minutes mixing. This method is usually what we called windowpane test. It's one of the best ways to tell if you have sufficiently kneaded your dough.

you can stretch the dough without it breaking, that means that gluten is well
developed and your dough is ready to rise. For Japanese milk bread
specifically, the optimal temperature is ranged 77 to 82 degrees Fahrenheit. So in
the winter, you might want to use warm water and in the summer you might want
to use cool water to make the dough. If the dough keeps sticking to the mixer,
that means the dough's temperature is too high also I don't recommend using melted butter transfer the dough to a big bowl gently fold the dough so that the
surface is smooth then gently roll the bottom to form into a big ball.

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So now we are gonna start our first
fermentation for one hour at 82 Fahrenheit degrees after the first fermentation we need to
fold the dough again. This is to develop gluten structure. By stretching, it helps
the dough more effectively hold water and air and also redistributes
the yeast and its food, and regulate that dough's temperature. Remember we want to be
gentle, don't push too hard.

Otherwise it will de-gas the dough and waste a lot of
work done by the yeast. After the second fermentation we are
ready to pre shape the dough. Cut the dough into five pieces evenly. I
prefer to use a digital scale for accuracy Gently stretch each piece and fold it
down then roll it into a ball.

Let it rest for another 15 to 20 minutes take one piece and use a rolling pin to
shape it into a circle. Flip it so that the smooth side will be on the outside fold two sides towards the center. Use a
rolling pin to flatten and lengthen the dough pinch one end so that the closing
will look nicely. Gently roll it up.

Repeat the same
steps with the other pieces place the dough into the pan. Cover with
plastic wrap and let it rise at room temperature. Or you can use the oven for
bread proofing. To make the mountain shaped bread, wait until the dough has
risen to fill 95% of the pan.

To make the square shaped bread once the dough
has risen to filled 85% of the pan cover with a lid and it's ready for baking Preheat the oven to a 390 F degrees
Fahrenheit and bake for 30 minutes. If you want the loaf lighter color place a foil paper
on the top after 15 minutes baking. There you have it! After it's done, take
the bread out immediately from the pan, and rest it on the rack. Bread making
might be time-consuming but it's so worth it.

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It tastes so much better than
the prepackaged ones. With a little bit patience and guidance you can also make
really delicious bread on your first attempt. If you like this recipe, please give me
a thumbs up, or follow us on Facebook subscribe to our YouTube channel. Until
we meet again! You.

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