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Testing the Sabotages Cement MixerCutthroat KitchenFood Network

Testing the Sabotages Cement MixerCutthroat KitchenFood Network

[Theme music] Hi. My name is Abel. Welcome to Cutthroat Kitchen. We're tasting sabotages here.

Today's challenge is concrete. So a concrete is a frozen
custard with your toppings, like candied chocolate,
chocolate chips, cookies, all folded into the frozen custard. My sabotage is I get
to make concrete, obviously, in a cement mixer. So let's go ahead and
make a custard base.

So a custard base is egg
yolks, sugar, and cream. Trying to incorporate all
the sugar into the eggs. So now I'm going to
go ahead and grab my cream to pour into the
egg yolk and sugar mixture. So I'm going to pour in slowly.

A little bit at a time. And then I'll pour the rest in. And do a little vanilla here. Give a nice little
vanilla flavor.

About two teaspoons. So I have to say,
this is looking great. I have a base. I have a custard base here.

Now, there are two ways
that I can do this. So I know that if I put my
base in here, in this bag, add the bag to this bag of
ice, add some rock salt, then I throw it in the mixer and
shake the **** out of it, we will have a custard or an
ice cream within 10 minutes. But that's not any fun. We also have liquid nitrogen.

Pour a little at a time. Mix. The reason I don't want
to pour so much at a time is I don't want it to
become hard as a rock and I can't mix
it into a custard. Add a little bit more.

And I'm starting to
feel the viscosity is– I'm getting an ice cream, guys. Look at that. So I've made a custard in the
cement mixer for my concrete. Now that's approved.

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Please work for me. This is rapidly becoming
the most ridiculous thing I've ever done. Haha, it's alive..

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