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The Yolkfish. A kitchen tool used to separate yolk and egg white.

The Yolkfish. A kitchen tool used to separate yolk and egg white.

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  1. yougotbarbecuesaucealloveryourface Reply

    I’ve seen enough lifehacks to know that an empty water bottle will achieve the same thing #partypooper

  2. pooptallica Reply

    Also easily accomplished with almost any empty plastic bottle.

  3. workingonmynightcheeze Reply

    Guys, a water bottle is just not as cool as a little fish.

  4. DickTipPapercut Reply

    or you can just use a plastic bottle..

  5. Slaan Reply

    Put it in your ear and you have an universal translater

  6. bloblablie Reply

    I don’t get all these egg-seperator tools… it’s so easy just using the shell. this thing looks cool though

  7. sugarworm Reply

    Is there a rule for sticking your ***** in things?

  8. AdmiralBadtacular Reply

    Alton Brown would disapprove of your unitasker

  9. nym86 Reply


  10. Aneurin16 Reply

    Magikarp used slurp! It was apparently super eggective!

  11. somethingaboutTV Reply

    I bet I can guess another thing people use it for…

  12. bahathealbino Reply

    Not anymore. What an age to be alive.

  13. penismightierthansword Reply

    my ***** would love this

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