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These 19 Genius Things For Your House Will Make Everyone Visit You. I Must Have #13 Immediately.

Making your house feel like a home can be as simple as hanging some paintings, adding a small garden… or buying some really awesome furnishings. (The latter, of course, is a lot more fun.) You won’t be able to find many of these items at your local IKEA. However, if there’s a will to make a house as awesome as possible, there’s a way. There has to be a way to get your hands on some of these cool products.

1. Collapsable shelf-stairs.

For all of your shelving needs.

2. The Fletcher Capstan Table (an expandable table).

Do. Want.

3. A mirror and ironing board combo.

4. The Rekindle candle that never, ever ends.

5. A dining table that folds into a pool table (YES).

6. The Evolution Door (a folding, kinetic door)

7. A beautiful bench that transforms into a dining set.

8. Is that a couch… or a bunk bed? Answer: BOTH.

9. An uber convenient inflatable grill

10. The Obelisk furniture pod

11. An awesome retractable dining room table

12. The cube kitchen you never have to see if you don’t want to

13. A bedroom and living room all-in-one

14. The interesting combination of a stove AND a chair

15. Nesting egg chairs (that also look awesome)

16. A small (awesome) table that becomes a loveseat

17. A completely transparent, gorgeous TV

18. This door that’s also a ping pong table

19. The couch that doubles as a punching bag

A home or apartment with ANY of these items would officially be 25% cooler. Although, if I had to unfold a table every time I wanted to sit down, I would probably just end up sitting on the floor. Via BuzzFeed Show others what awesome stuff they can get, thanks to online shopping!

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