These Superstitions Sure Are Strange…Even For Superstitions. Check Them Out.

We all do strange things. When we do them, they don’t seem strange at all. When you hear of another person doing something that seems out of the ordinary, it seems, well, out of the ordinary. Especially when that something is, say, specifically seeking out goats on the way to an important meeting.

While some of these superstitions might seem weird, keep in mind that there are people who think things you do all the time are beyond comprehension. Check them out.

1.) In India, some believe that the sun’s rays become toxic during a solar eclipse, so they’ll stay indoors until it’s over.

2.) In Thailand, some men believe that they will find good fortune by wearing a ***** medallion around their neck.

3.) In Turkey, chewing gum is avoided at night because it is likened to chewing the flesh of the dead.

4.) In Medieval England, it was believed that passing a newborn through the circular rind of a cheese wheel would lead to a prosperous life for the infant.

5.) In Japan, some believe that tucking your thumbs into your pockets will protect one from death as they pass a cemetery.

6.) Many years ago, men in England would avoid consuming any lettuce out of fear that it would cause sterility.

7.) In Russia, the more birds that defecate on your roof, the more money you’re believed to be getting in the future.

8.) In Britain, it was once believed by many that carrying around an acorn was the key to keeping young.

9.) In Nigeria, some believe that kissing a baby on the lips will make it drool until adulthood.

10.) In Russia, it is considered a bad omen to carry an empty bucket.

11.) Some believe that walking past a goat on the way to an important meeting will bring about good luck, as the goats are thought to absorb evil.

12.) In Serbia, it’s considered good luck to spill water before a job interview.

13.) In Spain, it is believed to be good luck to eat twelve grapes when the clock strikes midnight on New Year’s Eve.

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14.) In Iceland, some believe that knitting on one’s doorstep will bring about a long winter.

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These are some pretty interesting traditions. I really have to trade in that empty bucket of mine for one of those ***** medallions. Bling-bling!

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