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They Took A Dishwasher And Turned It Into A Fish Tank, And It Is Unbelievably Cool

There are some pretty amazing fish tanks in the world.

There’s actually a whole show about the creation of custom, elaborate tanks, and it’s fascinating to watch. But even if you’re not a fish tank expert, with a little bit of imagination and elbow grease, you can turn a mundane object into a stylish home that’s perfect for your fishy friends.

Imgur user lavalumpme works in an appliance store, and after he successfully turned a washing machine into a fish tank, he decided to convert something else into a tank: a dishwasher.

It seems like an expensive thing to tear up, but many appliance stores get items that are too damaged to sell — they can get dishwashers that are in this condition for as low as $5.

After taking the door off and removing the wiring, the first major step was to measure for an acrylic window that the fish would be seen through. This was the most precise work of the build.

It was important to put a curve in the cardboard template, since that’s how the window would be. To make tiny changes, he used a razor blade and a sanding stone.

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