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Think Twice Before You Wear Those Heels To Your Christmas Party…This Story Will Change Your Mind

Before you slip into a pair of high heels for a holiday party, you should read this woman’s story. After a night of dancing in December 2008, Lorraine Burnett, now 37, got a blister that wouldn’t heal. Eventually, her lower leg had to be amputated.

Burnett suffers from Type 2 diabetes, which often causes poor circulation, particularly in the feet. However, when she put on a pair of five-inch stilettos for a Christmas pub crawl in 2008, she didn’t think twice. The mother of one loved to dance, especially in high heels.

Burnett boogied the night away until 2 a.m. Upon arriving home, she noticed that her heels had given her a painful blister. As time passed, it refused to heal.

For two years, doctors tried to treat Burnett’s blister with a combination of antibiotics, cleaning, and removal of infected skin. Eventually, it became so painful that she could hardly walk. In 2010, she underwent a five-hour surgery to amputate her lower leg.

Burnett told Daily Mail, “It breaks my heart to think my five-inch heels cost me my leg. I’d gone from someone who liked to go out all the time — a real party girl who enjoyed the good life — to pretty much completely housebound.”

No shoes are worth the suffering that Burnett has faced. In addition to her physical pain, she lost her job, and she and her ten-year-old daughter had to move in with family members. She also frequently gets infections around the amputation site, and has even had to be put into a medically induced coma due to her pain.

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