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– Y'all wanna scramble eggs? I'm gonna scramble some eggs. I don't think this thing
will scramble eggs. I think eggs will be too heavy for it. (Hissing) Hello you guys and welcome
back to another Vivian Tries.

Today I have another
as-seen-on-television product. What is it? Who knows?
(Dinging) It's a Tornado Bottle. I saw it at Walmart the
other day and I thought, we can give it a try. I'm not sure why you would need this because it needs batteries.

Who the ****'s gonna carry this
around with some batteries? But, has all kinds of cool
things it will blend in the back so I thought, you know
what let's give it a try. Lemme give you some examples. It says: "Smooth taste, no more clumping." So it'll do coffee and
tea, protein shakes, cocktails, juices, baby formula. Hmm, baby formula.

Chocolate milk, sauces,
and salad dressing. And it also says: " Scrambled
eggs and pancake batter." So I was gonna do a protein
powder but I'm out of protein. But I do have some Chai
Tea from Trader Joe's that we are going to mix in this thing. And, and to make sure it really
works, I have mah little, what is this thing called? A shifter, a sifter, a sifter? Is is a sif, I don't know.

I think it's called a sifter. So we have this thing so
that we can pour it out and see if there's any clumps. And then we'll really know if
this thing is a hit or not. Let's give it two, and
here are the two batteries.

I've come prepared today. Sho' did, you guys, oh my ***! I think this was new. On the bottom is all oily, ewe. We should definitely wash this, right? Why am I smelling it, hah? I don't know why I'm smelling it.

Let me go wash it. Where, how do you put the batteries in? Oo, it has a little power button. Nice. How do you put the batt–
(cracking) (slo-mo) How do you put the batt– How do you put the batt–
(cracking) I broke it already.

Okay, batteries, anyone? It's gotta be down here, right? See. Ha ha. Ha ha ha, ha ha. I did it.

I's so smart. Okay so the batteries go down there. I should wash it first, huh? Before I open this. I should wash it so
that is doesn't get wet.

Okay, so I've sealed it
back up, just like this. And, I'm gonna go wash it. So far so good! It's not cheap.
(Knocking) It's nice.
(Patting) I'm gonna go wash it
and I'll be right back. Okay, washed.

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For my chai latte mix. I need six ounces of water. Which I have here. I wonder we should do ice.

I don't think that's gonna blend ice. That's, that little piece
in there is like plastic. Oh maybe I should, maybe I
should put the batteries in, how 'bout that? Still kinda wet. Battery number one.

Snap that guy in there. Battery number two. (Snapping)
Snap that guy in there. Easy peasy.

I guess the batteries are not too bad. I thought it was gonna be like heavy. You know what I'm sayin' like? Okay, so far so good. I think I did six ounces of water.

Yep, perfect. Oh it has a little thing right here. Hm mm, little measuring thing there. Six ounces of water or 200
is that milliliters of water? And then we have chai.

And how many scoops of
chai tea do we need? Oh poof. Hold on folks. Mix one scoop or three tablespoons with six ounces of water, okay. One scoop of chai tea.

Whoa, I almost knocked it over. Son of a *****. So, six ounces, oh this smells so yum! Okay, ready? Here we go. We're putting it in.

(Tapping) Phhh, alright guys, here it is. Look at it. Can you see it really well? Alright. Nnn, the moment of truth.

You guys ready? One, two, three, go. (Whirring) I have to hold it the whole time? ****, I thought it was
like oh just, you know, click on and go to town. Why do I have to hold it? ****! What if I'm in a hurry? I gotta hold this thing? It's not bad. I'm right handed.

So all little here. That doesn't seem very powerful. I mean it'll blend it like
a spoon would blend it but it doesn't seem
like it's whippin' it up or anything special. I'm not gonna blend this for very long.

We're about to find out the truth! The truth! We're gonna put it through this guy. We should have timed how
long I'm blending it here. You guys see that? I think you can. Pretty sure you can.

So far the idea's not bad. I just don't think that
it's gonna be clumpless. Did I say clumpless. No more clumps, I don't
think it'll be smooth.

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I think there will be clumps in there. It said scrambled eggs. Y'all want a scramble eggs? I'm gonna scramble some eggs. I don't think this thing
will scramble eggs.

I think eggs will be too heavy for it. I think this will do like
basic stuff like juice. You know, the little like energy drinks, they come in little packs,
like that kinda stuff. But nothing thick.

I don't think. Okay that's enough. Here's the true test. I'm gonna open it.

Smells yum. Okay, I might be wrong. So this was not planned very well. But, (banging) ****.
(Chuckles) ****** 'ell, 'ow'm I gonna do this? I want you guys to see it.

So hold on. Hold on. Don't look at me, maybe
I'll do it like this. Where I'm holding.

I didn't plan this well guys. You guys know that this is real life. I don't. Okay.

Hee, hee, hee. Hee hee. I should have done this on the counter. Ready, here we go.

(Draining) So far so good. Oh! There's no clumps! It totally blended, that
smells so much cinnamon. It totally blended clean, look. It's very clean, look.

No clumps. I'm impressed. It just made me a liar. But guess what? We're gonna test some eggs.

'Cause it said it will scramble some eggs. Two eggs, okay! I want you guys to see it. I need to, may go find a box
so I can put it this high and you guys can see. You guys can see.

Let me go get my handy little laptop desk. Hold on. Already. Okay, can you guys see it? Tell me.

If you can't see it shout. (Cracking) Let's crack some eggs. You guys remember the
last time I did this? (Plopping)
'Kay, that's one egg. Egg number two.
(Cracking) Why would anybody blend eggs in here? Get your blender or just,
you know, with a fork.

So I wouldn't buy this because
you can blend eggs in it. But I might buy it for protein shakes. Seems like it's gonna work, okay. And you would sprinkle in
some, like salt and pepper.

'Kay let's see, ready? You guys see that well? I don't know I feel like the
eggs are a little too heavy. Oh. That's not very powerful. I mean it's blending them
but it's not very powerful.

Feel like they're not gonna be, feel like they're not gonna be. Oh it's still going. (Laughing)
Magic guys look. Look it's still blending
and I'm not touching it.

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How did I do that? (Laughing)
I don't know how I did that. Magic. Okay, so you could just put it down. (Chuckles) I could just put it down and walk away.

Silly me. I wonder if it would
help if I did like that? Make 'em real fluffy. Put some air in there, right? Gotta get creative folks. Oh, it's getting air now.

You gon' be some fluffy eggs. So let's turn it off. Nice, silly. Won't blend itself.

Okay, let's try it again. With my crazy setup here. (Buzzing)
****, my phone. Here we go.

Here we go. I don't know why I'm smelling it. Like it's eggs, stupid. Ready? ******.

Awe I spilled it. I'm gonna spill it. Wait, eggs are not as easy as. This is not the most flattering *******, oh no! Oh, did it get on me? No.

Oh-ho-uh! Is it on my shirt? Can you guys see? No, it's not on my shirt, okay. It did spill though. Hold on, let me just
put it down like this. Think it's the same thing, isn't it? They're not perfect, but they're not bad.

There's just a little bit not blended. But guys pretty impressed. It is like a little
plastic thing in there. I don't know.

I didn't even think it
was gonna do the chai tea. So this is what's left of the eggs, if you can see that. It made a liar out of
me because first of all I did not have to continue
holding the button. After you push the button it just stays on and it keeps blending.

And it did successfully blend the chai tea, and it did successfully scramble the eggs. (Knocking)
It's made well. It's not heavy. I think it's a winnah.

So I'm gonna give this
guy five Vivian heads! Alright you guys that is it
for another Vivian Tries. And I'll see you guys
in the next one, bye..

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