What This Missouri Homeowner Found On Her Front Porch Was Astonishing.

Everyone should be aware of the fact that salamanders know how to throw a party. At least, that is what one Missouri homeowner found out when she opened her door to see a bunch of Ringed Salamanders hanging out on her front porch.

It is believed that the amphibians were gathering a group to travel to their breeding grounds. Others claim that the salamanders were just trying to play a prank on the home owner. If I walked out of my house and saw a pile of lizards like this, I wouldn’t believe it and would probably faint once I realized that it wasn’t just a bunch of toys.

The Ringed Salamander usually takes residence under logs and rocks, rarely coming out into the open because they prefer moist, underground lairs. They are actually very common for the state of Missouri, but it is incredibly rare for people to see them since they are almost never above ground.

Luckily for this Missouri home owner, she caught the group of them above ground. She even had enough time to even snap a picture for all of us to enjoy. And by enjoy, I mean hope that we never catch them on our own front steps. Eww!

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