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When You Let Black-Eyed Children Into Your Home, Expect Things To Get Bad Quickly

If you’ve been a follower of the paranormal for any length of time, you’ve probably heard of the dreaded Black-Eyed Children. While very little is known about their origins, the one thing that people can be sure of is that things get really terrible when people let them into their lives.

And that’s exactly what one couple in the Northeast learned earlier this month. If you ask them, life has been a nightmare since the moment they saw the Black-Eyed Children.

The unnamed couple sent their story to the blog Week in Weird, and it’s unnerving to say the least.


The story begins on a snowy night about one year ago. They lived at the end of a dirt road in rural Vermont, and one night, the woman awoke to pounding on the door downstairs. At first, she just assumed that someone had gotten into some trouble on the snow-covered road outside.

She woke her husband up to answer the door. On the other side, they found two young children with old-fashioned haircuts. They were not wearing coats.

The children refused to make eye contact with the couple as they asked them about where they came from. When asked about their parents, they answered, “They’ll be here soon.” Not knowing what to do, they invited the children inside.

That’s when she knew something was wrong. The first thing she noticed was that their cats, which were usually curious around new people, were nowhere to be found.

While the wife fixed hot chocolate in the kitchen, her husband asked the kids a few questions. When she emerged from the kitchen, she saw one distinctly horrifying characteristic for the first time. The children looked directly at her, and they had black eyes. They asked to use the bathroom. In her shocked state, she pointed them in the right direction. Her husband’s nose started bleeding out of nowhere.

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That’s when the power went out.


The terrified woman stumbled through the darkness to find a flashlight, and that’s when she encountered the children in the hallway. They were standing perfectly still. After a moment, they announced that their parents were there and walked out the front door. There was a black car outside, and two tall men in black suits picked them up. The nightmare appeared to be over…but it wasn’t.

In the months since their encounter with the Black-Eyed Children, both the husband and wife have fallen ill.

The husband developed chronic nosebleeds, which the doctors linked to skin cancer. While the wife declined to go into detail about her health problems, she did reveal that they were serious.

(via Week in Weird)

Let that be a serious lesson about the dangers of communicating with Black-Eyed Children. On the off chance that they’re real, we should all just play it safe.

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