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Whisk WiperIntroducing PRO for Stand Mixers, and mini

Whisk WiperIntroducing PRO for Stand Mixers, and mini

Whisks have always been messy, wasteful,
and a pain to clean. Whisk Wiper solves all of that. Here's how it works: first
place Whisk Wiper onto the included stainless steel whisk, taking a moment to
line up the loops and then whisk away. Whisk Wiper keeps the loops up off the

It even catches the drips. You can rest the whisk cleanly on the edge
of the bowl, and when you're done, instead of washing all that food down the drain,
simply pull Whisk Wiper off and return it to the bowl. Whisk Wiper helps you
save every last bit. It even gets corners.

We've got Whisk Wiper mini for small
jobs, and for larger mixing tasks, there's Whisk Wiper PRO made just for
stand mixers. Just line up the loops and push Whisk Wiper PRO down onto the whisk.
Then whisk as you normally would. When removed, Whisk Wiper PRO catches drips and
keeps your counter clean. When you're done, simply pull Whisk Wiper PRO off the
whisk to avoid messy cleanups and save batter.

The contours of Whisk Wiper PRO
are even designed to perfectly clean your stand mixer's bowl. Whisk Wiper.
Bake more, clean less..

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